Concrete Lifting- An Overview

Concrete lifting is often used to repair uneven concrete surfaces by altering the foundation. Concrete lifting, also known as mudjacking, slab jacking, slab leveling, concrete leveling, is an inexpensive yet efficient and effective method to repair concrete surfaces. The process involves injection of a mixture of topsoil and portland cement underground hydraulically through a small hole which fills the gap created and lifts the concrete surface above it. Replacement of the concrete surface involves huge costs, labour and time. Concrete lifting is a much more efficient process than the replacement of the concrete surface as it requires less time and is ready to use almost immediately after the repair. The process of concrete lifting yields long lasting results which helps in reducing the long run costs of the repair. Concrete lifting is now being used widely in industrial, commercial as well as residential areas. Although the process is traditional, the advantages derived from the process has led to the wide use of the process of concrete lifting. Since the injection is done through a small hole, the patchwork needed after the repair is also minimal. Moreover, the process is absolutely eco-friendly which ensures a healthy atmosphere and clean environment.